The Colour of Maths

Here at Things to Look at, we've come across one of those great websites which is just the kind of information treasure trove that makes the web great: The vintage Calculator.

I remember thinking my shiny Commodore SR7919 calculator with a red display and a huge battery was the most hi tech thing ever back in the day and now Nigel's hommage to the history of the calculator reminds me just how far it has come.

With photos of every model conceivable right back to the days when you'd need a forklift to lift one, through to the first calculator watches this is an amazing library of images. Just the colours of maths: oranges, brown and blues and the great graphic layouts of the keyboards make them beautiful to look at.

Plus there are some great adverts which endeavor to show how lightweight and portable those old models were that have high novelty value. All in all a great resource of forgotten technology from a complete enthusiast.

Here's a great website

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Anonymous said...

I’m sorry, but I must object. Everyone knows that the color of Math is Springer-Verlag Yellow.