FT Weekend

Perhaps a little late writing this entry but after many weeks of seeing a consistently well designed and written weekend magazine, I'm compelled to. This weekend I read it from cover to cover; features included a story on Jon Hunt who sold Foxtons for £360 million, weeks before the credit crunch and an interesting feature on young American voters and their thoughts on the current political climate.

The design and art direction by Alex Breuer carries the same level of quality which he brought to Esquire during his tenure as art director; perhaps this is most evident in the way the magazine deals with complex front of book problems like date lines, graphic data, multiple stories, keeping a dynamic pace as well as clean and well organised pages.
The feature pages are of course of a high standard although there are times when I wonder if the photography could be a bit more ambitious; perhaps there are budget and time restrictions in place that make this difficult. Despite this slight weakness, the FT Weekend Magazine team have managed to make a really great magazine. Bravo.


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I haven't bought the Financial TImes for a long time, looks like I have been missing out!

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Thanks for the post about this AD!

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