Man About Town EDO talk

The EDO held 2 fantastic talks on 25 June, starting off with Ann Brayborn discussing Man About Town magazine. Showing some of the earliest layouts right through to the transition to About Town and then just Town. Great black and white photography, then the introduction of colour in some of the best Town covers; Ann gave a really thorough and engaging talk. Following this was Robin Derrick with 25 years of magazines, starting with the first I-D layouts then on to The Face, Italian Elle, Glamour and Vogue. He told the stories behind the scenes, as well as going through an archive of Vogue covers and fashion spreads. He finished off with his work for Georgio Armani showing the well seen ads of David Beckham in his underwear.

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Daniel said...

Thanks for putting those spreads up - I've been searching for them ever since the talk! I LOVE that North Is Dead photo.

Anonymous said...

It's brilliant isn't it? There were so many good spreads shown in the talk. Makes you wish you could just sit and flip through every issue ever made.

Anonymous said...
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