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A random book cover we like the look of due to the very ornate typeface used to represent conflict

Fictional Book Covers

There was a trend last year in creating fictional retro book covers for films and video games. It's a very satisfying project. We hate to leave people uncredited which is why this post never made it up on the blog. If anyone knows who did the bottom three covers then please let us know as we think they are great and would love to link to that person's site.

No More Drugs for that Man This Means Something. This is Important. I'm not in the business... I *am* the business.

The above are from Spacesick

Colour Theory

There is so much to say about colour theory, that we just won't say it. If you throw all that aside and boil it down to its simplest level, then we can all agree that their is something very fulfilling in explaining a complex idea through the placement of a few humble shapes.