Lou Dorfsman

I don't know about you, but here at Things to Look at, we have a list of people we'd like to hear speak. Legends. Massimo Vignelli? Check. Wim Crouwel? Check. Lou Dorfsman?... Now it never can be.

“He was the kingpin of the New York School of Design, a pluperfect, fearless, uncompromising perfectionist, and a father of corporate image in the world,” ~ George Lois

Some great people have written some great words though.

Stephen Heller writes
Michael Bierut writes
Eye Magazine writes
The man himself

If you don't know who he is, then you should know thet he was the saviour of The Waltons: what could be more famous than that? Here is the classic advert. Click on it to see it larger.


Letterpress Conference

Next Friday there is an all day event at St. Brides on modern Letterpress and its growing popularity. Some of the things we are looking forward to have to be...

Claire Bolton from The Alembic Press
The above photos were taken at The Press where they have two amazing barns full of type. Claire will be talking about the work they do and might even bring along some of the amazing limited edition books she creates. The ornament book is truly a labour of love and the small wood type specimen books are beautiful.

Phil Abel from Hand and Eye
Phil intends to talk about how he came to start Hand & Eye, what he does now and how he does it. He promises lots of pictures.

Mr & Mrs Kitching
Alan and Celia will talk about their amazing collection of wood type and show work which you might have seen in the St. Brides exhibition they houses a while back.

It's £60 for the day and places are still available. We'll let you know if it was worth the investment afterwards but we have a sneaking suspicion that it really will be worth every penny. There might even be some free nibbles.


D&AD lecture: Kyle Cooper

Wednesday night was the first of the D&AD President's lectures starting with movie titles creator Kyle Cooper. He wowed with his portfolio of film credits, talking about the processes involved, the Hollywood clients and how he started off in his career. He talked about creating the infamous opening titles for the movie Seven, and some of the more analogue methods used to create experimental effects. One of the most impressive was for the film Dawn of the Dead, where he sprayed acid on to film to create the blood dripping type. He showed more recent and more CGI rendered work for films such as Iron Man and Tropic Thunder. To read more about this lecture John Walters has written a review on the Eye blog.
Eye blog

Sumo Monocle

The November issue of Monocle hit newstands worldwide yesterday with its usual mix of global affairs, fashion, design and something extra special. The Expo pages marked by their usual paper change to gloss, features a 15 page Sumo wrestling extravaganza. We’re taken behind the scenes to the training and living quarters and finally to the main event, champion vs. contender. Fantastic story, thanks Ken.