Type Book

1930 - the News Chronicle newspaper is formed by the merger of the Daily News and the Daily Chronicle
1960 News Chronicle merges with the Daily Mail

This is the News Chronicle specimen book as complied by the Advertising director: W.E. Tomlin. Tomlin regarded this book as different from the ordinary newspaper type-book because it contained full alphabets on paper which didn't affect the visual weight of the face.



The Guardian's G2 on Monday featured some beautiful paper typography throughout from illustrator Yulia Brodskaya, also shown are a couple of pieces from her website Yulia Brodskaya


Studio Box

We here at Things To Look At recently received a link to the archive of Studio Box; the design studio in Milan founded in 1987 by Robin Derrick, Claudio Del Olio and Daniele Basilico. We of course couldn't help but be impressed, favorites include the work on Italian Elle, Ad campaigns for Gianfranco Ferrer, Dolce & Gabbana, as well as the work for Italian furniture giants like B&B Italia, and Capellini amongst others.

The archive marks an exciting chapter in the history of fashion and graphic design, bold and expressive use of typography and image making.
The studio still exists and continues its collaboration with fashion, retail and commercial clients, and long may it continue. Many thanks to Paul from The EDO for pointing this out to us.