Richard Hollis Exhibition

Exhibition: Swiss Graphic Design by Richard Hollis
Venue: St Brides Printing Institute

Well worth seeing. A host of original publications which have featured heavily in Swiss graphic Design books over the years. It was amazing to see the real things. When the attendant left the room Kuchar and I played the game of 'you have three things to steal, what do you steal'. Of course the attendant had come back before either of us could even commit to one thing as there was just so much lovely stuff to choose from. Obviously neither of us had a glass cutter to hand so the game resided safely in our imagination.

A Day of News at St Brides

Talk: 11.30 Simon Esterson: The Rise and Fall of the Colour Magazine
Periodical:The Sunday Times
Art Direction: Micheal Rand

'Art direction isn't just about laying out a page with a dictated number of images and words. True art direction asks what the idea is and asks you to invent the best way of displaying it.'

'He who controls the flatplan, controls the magazine'.

A small snippet shown above. There were some great images, brilliant photography and some interesting comments by Simon.


Paris Vogue

Editor: Carine Roitfeld
Creative Director: Fabian Baron

For me, this is probably the most exciting fashion magazine in the world.
Although I can’t speak a word of French, this magazine seems to have a great deal of personality and dynamism.

Almost every issue has a unique feel, sometimes they dedicate an entire issue to one single topic like U.S.A, British-ness, Italy, Kate Moss etc. anything which the editors find interesting. Although the magazine is awash with advertising and advertorials; all the editorial pages seem to have a sense of individuality and character, which gives the magazine a sincere journalistic feel.

The look of the Magazine is incredibly beautiful. It has this wonderful gothic/bohemian feel through the use of thick black bars mixed with some circus typefaces and a wonderful cut of Caslon.

The photography is bold, elegant, glamorous and everything else fashion photography should be. The juxtaposition of the images are also impeccable.

Book: Swiss Graphic Design

Title: Swiss Graphic Design: The Origins and Growth of an International Style 1920-1965
Author: Richard Hollis
Publisher: Lawrence King
ISBN: 1-85669-475-5
The next book I am buying. The thing I like about Richard Hollis is it's not always about big. Some of the brilliant things in this book are the small works in the margins. There's something beautiful about a thumbnail image which appeals to me, especially when you lean in and see that some austere design is for a plumbing part or a whisk. It's full of hundred of great images and great people like Karl Gerstner.