EDO American Night Part 1

A really, really splendid talk last night. A perfect pair of speakers. First we were treated to the workings behind the illustrious self-confessed type geeks, Jonathan Hoefler and Tobias Frere-Jones. All those questions about how you start a typeface, why you design a certain font, where your inspiration comes from and why on earth you end up creating 80 varients of one font were all answered last night. Here at Things to Look at, we tried to capture in writing all the amazing phrases that came out last night, but listening seemed to take over the writing and so at the end when we surveyed our shameful scrap of paper we found we'd only written a half garbled sentence about the creation of a dollar sign that resembled a hot dog sausage. We can only recommend that if you have a genuine interest in type conservation and restoration, a love of four point type, tricky tables and the perplexing problems of agate fonts, that you really make it your mission to hear Jonathan talk. It was a superb talk, really superb.

More on the second speaker soon...