The Bodoni Museum

If the food in Parma isn't a good enough reason to come to this fantastic town then the Bodoni Museum should be.

The original matrices, his printing machine, instruments and work are all on display. It was fantastic to see the variations of cuts that he’d made of the famous Bodoni; certain character differences like the ‘g’ little curs on the ‘R’ and one variation with a dot at the end of the serifs.
At some sizes the contrast of thick and thin was closer to Didot than some of the other examples of Bodoni that I’d seen.
He was truly obsessed by the printed letter, he’d made cuts of his famous typeface in Greek, Arabic, Russian and Hebrew amongst others.


atelier said...

It sounds good! And I am angry now... just say any place in Italy, and I can't stop thinking of pizzaa!!

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