Richard Avedon in Milan

Last weekend I was lucky enough to be taken to an exhibition of Richard Avedon’s portraits and a small selection of his fashion shoots from his years of collaboration with Harper's Bazaar.
We here at Things To Look at were already infatuated with Avedon’s work, but that was only through reproductions seen in books and magazines.
The first thing we were struck by was the size of the prints. His most famous fashion shoot with the elephants measures at over 1.5 metres; the American portraits were maybe a little smaller at 1 metre.
It was great to see the images at these sizes, nothing could be hidden not even the retouching. It was really reassuring to know that not all his images were perfect from the moment he clicked the shutter.
To see some of the original prints from the 30’s now yellowed by time was also really special.
The exhibition goes on till June 8.

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