Rolling Stone

Publication: Rolling Stone
Date: October 21st 1976
Issue Number: 224
Price: 50p
Typography: Elizabeth Paul

What makes two portraits work well side by side? Is it that they are totally different people? Is it that they look almost the same? Is it that one expression is shocked whilst one smiles? Or that one is wearing thick rimmed spectacles whilst another is merely holding some? Looking through this special bicentennial issue of Rolling Stone which showcased 76 Richard Avedon portraits, full size, with no text, it's plain to see that each image has been carefully chosen to sit next to its partner and it's great to think about why they work so successfully as a pair, regardless of the subjects being, at that time, the most powerful people in America.


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SpaceTM said...

I like it. Less is always more in my opinion.

Joanna said...

Richard Avedon is genius. I would frame those portraits, they're wonderful.

steviewren said...

I was testing myself to see if I could remember who each is. I recognized Hubert Humphrey, Dan Brown, Nelson Rockefeller and Henry Kissinger. Others look familiar but I can't recall their names. That was really a long time ago. I guess I'm showing my age to even know who they are.

www.elizabethavedon.com said...
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www.elizabethavedon.com said...

This Rolling Stone Cover won the Art Directors Club award, the Communication Arts Magazine award and an AIGA award when published.
Elizabeth Paul (Avedon)/AD/Designer, Rolling Stone, client.

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