Exhibition Stands

Interbuild is a prime example of how exhibition stand design evolved over the early 1900's from hand-built to pre-fabrication. From simple structures to architect-designed spaces. From the traditional to the space-age imagination run riot. There's something ingenious about making steel and bricks look exciting and this was the golden age of experimentation.

The 1901 exhibition

The 1947 exhibition

1947, Finch, drawn by Andrew Bain for The Brick Development Association

1949, Carter, drawn by Donald Dewar-Mills for Lafarge Aluminous Cement

1951, James Clark and Eaton, Wells Coates

Gotham Company, 1953, Ryder and Yates

Adamsez, 1957, Dewar-Mills Associates

1977, British Steel Corporation, Bdg

1979, British Steel Corporation, Bdg


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