Antony Gormley at The Hayward

You might not be the biggest Gormley fan, but there is something quite eye catching about the 'Event Horizon' installation of 31 sculptural casts of the artist’s body dotted around the tall city skyline. The grassy building seems a rather laboured affair. Watching them desperately water its decaying form seemed to highlight the fact that grass really does not grow well up the sides of buildings and was starting to look, well, mangy.

But that aside, there are two top moments to be had in the exhibition. Firstly the aptly named 'Blind Light', a luminous glass room filled with dense mist. So dense that when you walk into it you feel as if you shouldn't be able to breathe. The air is surprisingly damp, so all those nightmares about suffocating in a fire go out the window. It's more like feeling you are on the top of a mountain, not even able to see your hand stretched out in front of you. Apart from all the incidental groping, watching people touching the glass from the outside, trying to navigate it yourself is quite as experience. You do get lost and it takes a brave person to walk straight into the middle. Hours of fun. Click the link in the title to see more.

But on a more serious art note, not being an avid Gormley enthusiast, the Space Station installation was all a bit too Borg for me, the figures dangling from ceilings or clambering down walls; expected.

What impressed me was the final room I visited showing figures tumbling mid-air with honeycomb structures emanating from them. They really are worth seeing as they are just so striking, but just remember, photography is strictly forbidden and I did not take these. Erm, yeah.

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Plinius said...

The turf on the side of the National Theatre is by Heather Ackroyd and Dan Harvey - I agree it's not very successful. As for Gormley, I think the figures dotted around buildings are the highlight and I really liked the box/figures based on 300 residents of Malmo. Not everything works - I know what you mean about the Borg and the room full of nude Gormleys doesn't do much for me - but overall I was pretty impressed. It was really crowded when we went and there was no chance of getting in the cloudy room without queuing for an hour...