The Drawbridge

Editor: Bigna Pfenninger
Creative Director: Stephen Coates
Picture Editor: Millie Simpson
Drawings Editor: Paul Davis

This broadsheet size publication is one of the most interesting independent publishing projects around. The Drawbrdge is a quarterly literary project funded by Giuseppe Mascoli proprietor of the Soho club Blacks. Members of the club such as Sinn Fein president Gerry Adams, Hugo Chavez and John Berger are a few of the high profile names that have contributed so far.
Each issue covers one topic, so far they have been, Failure, Home and The Impossible City.
Although Drawbridge is quite word heavy, it is mixed with free standing illustrations and photographs. So far contributors have included Paul Davis and Toby Morison and photographers Roberto Polidori and Larry Sultan to name but a few.


FRUV said...

someone who`s got Giuseppe mascolis email adress?

Anonymous said...

guiseppe: rake@blacksclub.com