Faber & Faber

Book: Faber and Faber: Eighty Years of Book Cover Design
Author: Joseph Connolly
Publisher: Faber and Faber
Year: 2009

Back to the all type cover. Sometimes simplicity is missing these days. Although the above examples might not be your classic Faber & Faber book cover, they are a surprising delight. The book has a huge variety of cover designs in it from which we showcased a selection of all type covers that just caught our eye here at Things to Look At.


Ian Shimkoviak said...

wow. These are stunning. There seems to be a trend in publishers like FF and Penguin and the like putting out these kind of obvious homages to eras in design long gone. It's refreshing.

J.Hurtat said...

Agreed. Sometimes I wish design like this was appreciated by as many as it should be. On the other hand, it does transport you to a different era, and nostalgia works for me too.

Josh Hurtado
Royall Advertising