The New Yorker

We've just realised that we've never put up a blog post on The New Yorker!
Never talked about how enjoyable it is to read 5 straight pages of solid 3 column type, its fantastic cartoon's, the pleasure of walking around with it.
Hopefully you're all aware of it. Just for indulgence though, here are some covers from their fantastic archive going all the way back to 1925.


Miyo Wada said...

I love the cover with the iphone.

QR Business Card said...

Great covers, I liked the 1981 one.

Manal Ahmed said...

Interesting cover designs. I like the use of simplicity in all of them. I like the composition in the 1998 one. I also like the use of blue and white against the black background. Really stands out!

Collector said...

I like.