Letterpress Conference

Next Friday there is an all day event at St. Brides on modern Letterpress and its growing popularity. Some of the things we are looking forward to have to be...

Claire Bolton from The Alembic Press
The above photos were taken at The Press where they have two amazing barns full of type. Claire will be talking about the work they do and might even bring along some of the amazing limited edition books she creates. The ornament book is truly a labour of love and the small wood type specimen books are beautiful.

Phil Abel from Hand and Eye
Phil intends to talk about how he came to start Hand & Eye, what he does now and how he does it. He promises lots of pictures.

Mr & Mrs Kitching
Alan and Celia will talk about their amazing collection of wood type and show work which you might have seen in the St. Brides exhibition they houses a while back.

It's £60 for the day and places are still available. We'll let you know if it was worth the investment afterwards but we have a sneaking suspicion that it really will be worth every penny. There might even be some free nibbles.

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