Found Map Monday

Recently I was admiring John Furnival's favourite map on Acejet: A modern admiralty map and I was reminded of my favourite map, which was given to me when I was 12 by my Grandad. I was given three Admiralty Survey maps engraved by Davies and Company, from the 1920 edition. All black and white bar the markings my grandad made on them during his Navy days. I have always thought the numbers radiating from the large circles were very graphic and have been meaning to frame one for years. Maybe John and Richard have inspired me.


Kuchar said...

In the british library they have a map room where there are thousands of maps dating back to the 1500's. What I really love about them is the way they show contour lines; many key lines giving a sense of elevation, not only informative but really beautiful.

Simon said...

Kuchar when I read your comment this came to mind. Contours start to suggest physical form and become tactile in your mind, I think that's part of the appeal. Here it is; rendered, Jenny Saville.


Also just saw some of her new work, quite amazing reminiscent of the great Euan Uglow. Would never have looked it up without stumbling here.

Have to love the random twists and turns of the global interweb. I enjoyed this short but fun walk around one of its contours.