Pimp your Type

St Brides library has some beautiful things, but this book of typefaces is my all time favourite. This features in the next issue of eye in a very small place but I think seeing them large just makes their detail more impressive. I know we've seen them all before. But I think they're ace and I could look at them all day.


Mark said...

Jay, I think a good project for you would be to digitise some of these great typefaces so they can escape the shackles of their dusty old books and run free again. You know you want to.

Anonymous said...

Funnily enough when I went to St Brides Library, I asked the same question whilst flicking through the beautiful "Twenty-three Alphabets from the Foundry of Louis John Pouchée," which they own the originals of and published. Nigel, the librarian told me they won't let anyone digitise the fonts as they felt they should remain as they are. I think that's a little sad myself as they seem a little too hidden away when they should be lavished with glory. When I pointed out that PULP had recreated some of the letterforms, I was told that they had to agree not to reproduce the whole alphabet. Very cloak and dagger. I'd probably get lynched if I recreated one.