Paris Vogue

Editor: Carine Roitfeld
Creative Director: Fabian Baron

For me, this is probably the most exciting fashion magazine in the world.
Although I can’t speak a word of French, this magazine seems to have a great deal of personality and dynamism.

Almost every issue has a unique feel, sometimes they dedicate an entire issue to one single topic like U.S.A, British-ness, Italy, Kate Moss etc. anything which the editors find interesting. Although the magazine is awash with advertising and advertorials; all the editorial pages seem to have a sense of individuality and character, which gives the magazine a sincere journalistic feel.

The look of the Magazine is incredibly beautiful. It has this wonderful gothic/bohemian feel through the use of thick black bars mixed with some circus typefaces and a wonderful cut of Caslon.

The photography is bold, elegant, glamorous and everything else fashion photography should be. The juxtaposition of the images are also impeccable.

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Anonymous said...

My son Drew is 15 and just had his first photo shoot in hopes of getting representation and feedback on his look. I was hoping to e-mail you a few shots and have you take a look at him and give some advice. If you would send me an e-mail address I could forward a few shot too I would be thrilled. Thanks, Kim Burns (Drew's Mom)