Alvin Lustig

LUST_05.jpg LUST_04.jpg
Featured in Eye 59: Digital history book by Rick Poynor
Design: Alvin Lustig
Mr Poynor writes: 'increasingly it seems that if something can’t be found with Google, then it doesn’t exist.'
I'm sure that's very true. Luckily Kind Company put together a brilliant Lustig website (click the title of this entry to view it). It's excellent because it's a veritable database of amazing work. The site is easy to use and navigate through which is refreshing in such a flash driven, user experience, interactive era. I think Lustig's work is superb and the ability to look through such an enormous body of work brilliant. It was my favourite piece in the issue. I'm just sorry it couldn't show all the work. Above are my favourite things. I think they are very striking and I love the design work for the Girl Scouts. He did a great deal of stuff for them, which just seems bizarrely designed when you think of the subject matter. I quite like that. More on Flickr

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