Zaha Hadid

Title: Zaha Hadid Architecture and Design
Curator: Nicole Bellamy, Sophie McKinlay, Deyan Sudjic
Exhibition design: Zaha Hadid and Patrick Schumacher, Woody Yao, Melodie Leung, Marcela Spadaro
Exhibition Graphics: Esterson Associates
Location: The Design Museum

The latest bit of exhibition graphics from the studio will open this weekend at The Design Museum. Sink into the black space that houses this first major UK exhibition of Zaha Hadid's architecture and design, full of strange forms and minute models.

Watching the painstaking transporting, assembling and airbrushing that went into producing these miniature cities is an amazing sight in itself.

Getting close up into the lit up models is a rare treat, but the impressive swarm and vortexx chandeliers had to be my personal favourite. They really are something out of the future. Drop by the ever-changing blog to find out more.


Studio Output

Title: Heat
Editor: Simon Rogers, David Munk
Information design: Michael Robinson
Year: 2002
Publisher: The Guardian

In the current spirit of information design, here is one from the work vault that was done by Michael Robinson over at The Guardian for a supplement the studio created on the worthy subject of global warming. One day I shall ask Michael what he considers to be the definitive book of diagrams as he is a master of his art.



Title: Nobrium: Towards True Precision in the Control of Excessive Anxiety
Designer: Mervyn Kurlansky: co-founder of Pentagram
Year: 1971
Publisher: Roche

I can't imagine that a modern day pharmaceutical company would produce a book like this one. Although this was produced by Pentagram in 1971, the diagrams look as contemporary as any found today. A truly splendid book to lay your hands on if you can. This is one of the sad things about so many great books, they are in such rare supply. This book must be considered one of the definitive examples of diagram heaven.

Sorry for the amount of imagery in this post, but this book is just too rich.

The neuro physiology of anxiety

The hypothalamus organising or upsetting the body's response stimuli

Anxiety in the mind. Main dimensions of personality

The origin and persistence of anxiety. Stress and strain: individual responses

Anxiety in the body

The hypothalamus and physical arousal. Columns showing adrenaline and noradrenaline levels during sexual arousal

Anxiety: A physical profile

Evidence of clinical trials: Comparison with a placebo


Studio Output

Publisher: Nexus
Editor: Richard Siddle

Harpers wine and spirit magazine is the latest trade magazine redesign from the studio. We've had great fun working with some real talent; font designer Joshua Darden who drew the Freight family and a bespoke masthead for the magazine, illustrators: Peter Till, Jason Ford, Toby Morison and Satoshi Kambayashi, and photographers Paul Tozer, Julian Anderson, Richard Waite, Ralph Hodgson, Elisabeth Scheder-Bieschin and Gautier Deblonde.


Graphis Diagrams

Title: Graphis Diagrams
Editor: Walter Herdeg
Year: 1981
Publisher: Graphis Press Corporation
ISBN: 3 85709 410 9

To my mind Graphis Diagrams has to be one of the seminal publications on diagrams. Less acedemic than Tufte, this book showcases a wealth of styles from the crazy to the intensely Swiss. Here are some of my favourite parts.

William Hedges/William Newton's Task magazine for the Ontario Department of Labour
Atilier Stankowski's Fördertechnik magazine for A. Stotz AG
Walter Allner's Fortune magazine

Covers from the Boehringer Pharmaceutical Company: Naturwissenschaft und Medizin (Natural Science and Medicine) designed by Erwin Poell in the 60/70s.