Helmut Newton

I'm currently working on a catalogue for an auction house and I came across some photographs by Helmut Newton and realised that we haven't made a mention of him here at Things To Look At.
I had forgotten how striking his work was, his influences on photographers such as Mario Testino, Terry Richardson and countless other high profile image makers are undeniable.


Monotype Newsletter

MON_08.jpgMON_09.jpg MON_01.jpgMON_07.jpg MON_03.jpgMON_04.jpg MON_05.jpgMON_02.jpg

A few bold Monotype Newsletter covers from its second format incarnation. A true typesetter will tell you that issue 72 is incorrect. Can you tell why? All copies can be viewed at St. Brides Library. Also see more on our Flickr stream


The Latest Expo

Is it the latest Apple expo shown here in Earl's Court? No, this is the golden age of the Monotype Empire in 1963. If you zoom into it you can see the Monotype Corporation stand and its subsidiary company, Pictorial Machinery Limited side by side covering 6,000 square feet. That's a lot of machinery. It made me laugh to see how smart all those printers and designers look down there.

Image courtesy of The Monotype Newsletter, March 1963 from the newly updated St. Brides Library.



Found in my sister's loft when she first moved into her house, 1965 Which magazine's. Forty plus years is a long time, so without a Mac and Quark Express you can appreciate how good this design is. Who needs four colour when two will do.

Production editors: Colin Banks and John Miles, co-founders of Banks & Miles in 1958. Major clients included the Consumers Association, the Post Office, British Telecom and London Transport, for whom they redesigned Edward Johnston's famous Underground Sans (as New Johnston). More on Flickr