The Sartorialist

I was introduced to this website earlier this year and to be honest its never failed to impress me. According to its strap line its made it into Time magazine’s Top 100 Design Influencers list and appears to have the first piece of proper advertising that I’ve seen on a blog.
The Sartorialist is a fashion blog, a constant source of inspiration to both fashion designers, magazines and brands. It shows real everyday people on the street wearing really interesting clothes. Its a real life look book, showing great examples of mixing colour, fabrics and accessories; all seen through a seamlessly clean and natural lens.
Lets hope it continues its well deserved success...


Whitechapel 2003

We’re always working on branding and identity projects here and the other day I remembered the Identity work by Spin for the Whitechapel art gallery here in London. I was graduating from uni when I first saw it, and remembered thinking how fresh and exciting it looked – the custom typeface, the colours its use of typography. Its exactly the kind of project that would inspire and motivate any graphic designer (especially a student) to remember how exciting and engaging branding can be. I can easily say that 5 years on it still looks as fresh as it did on day one – a true contemporary classic.


Great Cover Debate

Magculture is busy putting together a hit list of the top magazine covers of all time ever. Anyone can submit. What a great idea! Go on... why not have your say? Just email Jeremy with your cover image 500 pixels wide.

We had a little think about this. The usual suspects, Twen, Avant Garde... they all pop up. Someone will have been there first surely. So we here at Things to Look At tried to think of something slightly more underrated and U&LC immediately sprung to mind. When you're black and white, and you have no pictures, what do you do? You just do something amazingly typographic. But can they really compete with the usual, more glossy heros such as April 1968 Esquire, Playboy October 1971, Rolling Stone January 1981? Maybe it's a little too stripped down to compete and we should be looking in the dusty corner of Nova's, Queens and Town magazine greats. The musing continues...