Herb Handrendered

This site as mentioned by Jonathan is an excellent showcase of Herb Lubalin's work. Herb and Lou Dorfsman were great friends and often worked together. In further musing concerning the origin of Dofsman's 'Ha Ha Ha' lettering, from looking at Herb's sketch work, I think it's further proof that type was often hand rendered from sketches. It just seems to be too perfect not to be hand crafted. Herb used the same similarly fine fonts in his work and could well have had a hand in 'Ha ha ha'. And since we're on Herb's work, here are two other great things of his.



Although these aren't the best examples of this great series launched in 1964 by Penguin books, these are the only physical copies we at Things to Look at own (so far). It is the simplicity of the colour and the theatrical lettering rendered by Denise York which makes the series so eye-catching. There are many books which showcase the series along with countless other Penguin classics, but one which is especially rich giving you a full page cover on every page is the aptly named 700 Penguins. For a review of this then you see what Richard at Acejet has to say about it.


The New York Times

In this months creative review Simon interviews Janet Froelich (creative director of The New York Times Magazine and T (the style magazine for the NYT, published 15 times a year).
We here at Things To Look At, are huge fans of the of these publications. Its level of art direction, writing and production are unparalleled as a weekend magazine, and to be honest it’s probably better than most of the consumer fashion and style magazines around.
It has set the benchmark for quality publishing for many years; and online, it constantly cultivates the freshness and originality of the magazines with the added extras of videos and behind the scenes footage and interviews.