90's Interview

Editor: Ingrid Sischy
Creative Director: Fabien Baron 
Issue: July 1990

I thought we'd kick off 2013 with an impulse ebay purchase over Christmas – one of my favourite magazines, 90’s Interview, Fabien Baron era. The magazine looks as great now as ever, but I think this is a beautiful example of Baron’s work of that period – carrying his signature style of vertical condensed Franklin Gothic page furniture in the first quarter of the magazine, followed by fireworks of big type and photography in the remaining pages. For me Fabien’s work isn’t amazing only because of the type, although he is of course a master in this respect, but he understands more than anyone the power of photography in editorial design. His striking type openers and page sequences owe a great deal to his taste and understanding of images and how to commission this for stories. Fernando Gutiérrez's comments on Baron’s work hit the mark in this short video for Phaidon.