VW Golf GTI adverts

I recently discovered this wonderful series of posters which were released in South Africa last year. They were designed by Ogilvy SA to advertise the new VW Golf GTI and I just love their simplicity which inevitably makes them stand out. No need for clever copywriting here, just a simple graphic and a GTI VW mark as a sign off. Beautiful. 


Nova Covers

NOV_01.jpg NOV_02.jpg NOV_03.jpg NOV_04.jpg
Here at Things to Look At, we are great fans of Nova; an alternative woman's magazine released in the late sixties and art directed by David Hillman and Harri Peccinotti. It really is a magazine of its time and every cover seems to reflect this so I thought I'd put a few up. Read MagCulture's Hillman interview to find out more. See more covers on our Flickr stream.


French Elle

Some great covers of the French Elle from 1965. As a pair, I think the vivid colours and the simplicity really work well here. Compared so the modern day covers shown below, these classic sixties covers simply stand out in a more sophisticated manner.



Identity Work

Le femme dans le vent
Leeser, Amsterdam, 1966
Graphic Identity by Vim Crouwel



This week I was lucky enough to get a hold of the new sports magazine from The New York Times. Printed on the same light silky paper, impeccable printing and photography, it is what we have come to expect from the worlds greatest newspaper.

I was most impressed by the level of graphic and editorial engagement with the content: as well as being beautiful the magazine doesn't shy away from more complex editorial problems like time lines, multiple stories and boxes or needing to switch to a vertical format to explain the finer points of good defensive basketball.