Eureka Magazine

Yesterday saw the unveiling of the second issue of Eureka, the new Times monthly supplement about science.

The Design team consists of art direction by Matt Curtis, information graphics by Matt Swift and design by David Loewe brought over specially from Berlin. The issues have also featured cracking illustrations from the likes of MASA, Robert Hanson and Raymond Biesinger.

There are more pictures over at Mag Culture. Here are some below.

Jeremy compares it to a less dense version of Wired which I would agree with. It seems to us here at Things to Look at that with these publications innovative information design is key in conveying content and injecting humour into the subject matter. American magazine Good could also be slotted into this genre of magazine. The sheer time it must take to visualise all this data is impressive.

One imagines a huge team behind each issue, yet it's a nine-strong team of editor, art director, picture editor, chief sub, information graphics designer, designer, plus 2 additional subs and a researcher. It looks like it's a lot of fun to work on.

Here are a few images of Good Magazine to see how other information design led magazines do it.

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