EDO American Night Part 2

The second speaker at the EDO's American Night was given by Janet Froelich, who awed us all with the glamour and style of lush photoshoots, film and all the aims you have when creating a new magazine from scratch with a budget we can only dream of. The process from start to finish was like a hollywood blockbuster with a cast of A-list names. As Janet herself said (which we managed to scribble down next to the hot dog sausage comment) in order to do her job, all you need to do is employ brilliant people, which indeed she has done. It was a rare insight into how a project of that scale comes together right from the initial work of creating typefaces, defining the logo, art directing photography, to achieving a conversation between type and image on the page. To hear so much detail and see first hand how much thought goes into the whole enterprise was a brilliant insight into an amazing world.

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A brilliant first offering from the EDO. With more talks planned from Neville Brody and British Vogue Creative Director, Robin Derrik on the cards, we can only point out what great value for money the membership is.

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