Varoom 15

The lastest issue of Varoom Magazine is out which is full of things we liked the look of.

Airside's illustrations for How To Make a How To Film. The animated versions are well worth checking out on the website.

Penguin's new editions of Nabakov featuring illustrators such as Luke Best, commissioned by Pentagram. It's a great contemporary angle on the very successful Poetry series patterns of the past.

Above: Illustrations by Astrid Chesney and ]Agnès Decourchelle. See more of these on Pentagrams website

It's quite interesting to compare them with the John Gall Nabakov covers, all of which you can see on Design Observer.

And of course, Marian Bantjes' map of an Isle of Knowledge charting all the ups and downs of the illustrator's world is beautifully rendered. The delta of common sense is not somewhere I hang out a lot and the swamp of failure seems to be ominously large.

There are more details on Marian Bantjes' website. They're well worth some scrutiny.


Steven said...

The animations are great. well...everything on thie post is great.

Danmark said...

I reveled reading it. I require to read more on this subject...I am admiring the time and effort you put in your blog, because it is apparently one great place where I can find lot of reusable info..

Integraphix | Graphic Design Company said...

Love all of the animations! I did a double take upon first looking rather than reading as my mouse grazed over them—I was shocked to see them moved. Prompting me to then go and read! I really like the static layout though. The colors and the simplicity. Very nice!

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