I.D. Magazine

Editor in Chief: Jesse Ashlock
Art Director: Jeffery Docherty

I.D. is an American based design magazine. Its features cover profiles of designers, design entrepreneurs, latest gadgets, inventions architecture etc. Its been around for a good while, but its latest rendition hasn't failed to impress us time and time again.

Firstly what a gorgeous font. A stencil serif font thats not obtrusive or loud and so contemporary.
The design and layout is really understated, never at risk of being bland because of all the expertly crafted bits of detailing. The captions, arrows, rules (usually the least interesting in other magazines) have been treated with a great deal of care here. Nothing has been overlooked.

Editorially its also really enjoyable - writing about design with a real sense of industry and scale but always with a youthful vigor.
Photographically, its all very clean and consistent..... always spontaneous and light. My favorites are the still life shots, lit beautifully and shot on colored backgrounds - what could be more simple...

These images are of a special Design+Business June 2009 issue where they used one of our favorite magazine tricks - the old paper stock change... never fails to impress when used properly, this case is no exception.


Seán said...

I’m pretty sure those quote marks on the cover are wrong though.

George G said...

It's so sad that they just folded the magazine after half a century of publishing it!