The Sartorialist

I was introduced to this website earlier this year and to be honest its never failed to impress me. According to its strap line its made it into Time magazine’s Top 100 Design Influencers list and appears to have the first piece of proper advertising that I’ve seen on a blog.
The Sartorialist is a fashion blog, a constant source of inspiration to both fashion designers, magazines and brands. It shows real everyday people on the street wearing really interesting clothes. Its a real life look book, showing great examples of mixing colour, fabrics and accessories; all seen through a seamlessly clean and natural lens.
Lets hope it continues its well deserved success...

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Sara said...

Good post - I'd seen his website before he also shot a spread as a commissioned photographer for Wallpaper to document the people attending the Milan furniture fair last year. Only thing about his website is that I think it would be better having more photographs of people and less description