I encountered this magazine while doing the very nerdy thing of looking at a photographers credits, and found that Thomas Lenthal has setup a new magazine as well as continuing his role as Creative Director at Numero.

Paradis has had a set of mixed reviews here in the office, some said that its a really boring piece of magazine design and journalism mixed with pornography.
I was quite shocked at this reaction. For me the magazine is trying to mix two different kinds of content that you wouldn't usually see together.
In Paradis long articles by respected writers, and interviews with non celebrities such as the co-discoverer of DNA structure and the editor of the Economist are punctuated by nude photography by the likes of Jurgen Teller and Sølve Sundsbø.

Thomas Lenthal spoke to Herald Tribune early last year and said that he wanted to make something French and 70's; I think he's pretty close.

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