Creative Review

Any one who’s familiar with Creative Review knows that something very interesting is happening with its magazine. Editor Patrick Burgoyne and his team are constantly coming up with really exciting features, and ideas to engage with its audience. Features range from short pieces and caption stories to really interesting longer pieces that actually explore topics that are being discussed in design studios and blogs around the world.
This month’s main feature talks to some of the key people who shape the Tate’s brand. There is a monthly diary from Will Gompertz, Cornel Windlin talks about the brilliant Tate etc. magazine, as well as other key players who offer an insight on how such a big organisation runs its public image.


Anonymous said...

Do you not think that Tate Etc... loses it's freshness by being so strict in it's design? It's not as if the features grab you with their punchiness each issue.

Tony said...

Sure, but I think its intention is to be more literary. Its an art magazine that is as much about words as it is about images. Its unwillingness to commit itself to punchy visual layouts is the very thing that makes it seem so much cooler and journal like.