Piet Zwart

Everyone has to start somewhere. Along the line some decision towards design has to manifest itself. Maybe it's due to your beloved New Order record covers, a logo you see everyday or a book you happen across. For me it was one afternoon looking through a book on Piet Zwart whilst in the middle of a life drawing lesson. 'Yes.' I thought 'That's exactly what I'd like to do'. Here are five things of his to look at. Who other than the mighty Mr Zwart could make a cable factory look this stylish?


Transformer_33 said...

nice stuff and nice blog btw. I found a copy of Graphis Diagrams the other day after seeing your blog.. keep it up!

peter said...

Hello there,

can you tell me the name of the book you found the Piet Zwart images? they look fantastic for the period.

Many thanks.

Becca said...

Hi, any chance you know the names of these pieces or tell me where you found these pieces?