Zaha Hadid

Title: Zaha Hadid Architecture and Design
Curator: Nicole Bellamy, Sophie McKinlay, Deyan Sudjic
Exhibition design: Zaha Hadid and Patrick Schumacher, Woody Yao, Melodie Leung, Marcela Spadaro
Exhibition Graphics: Esterson Associates
Location: The Design Museum

The latest bit of exhibition graphics from the studio will open this weekend at The Design Museum. Sink into the black space that houses this first major UK exhibition of Zaha Hadid's architecture and design, full of strange forms and minute models.

Watching the painstaking transporting, assembling and airbrushing that went into producing these miniature cities is an amazing sight in itself.

Getting close up into the lit up models is a rare treat, but the impressive swarm and vortexx chandeliers had to be my personal favourite. They really are something out of the future. Drop by the ever-changing blog to find out more.

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