Studio Output

Publisher: Nexus
Editor: Richard Siddle

Harpers wine and spirit magazine is the latest trade magazine redesign from the studio. We've had great fun working with some real talent; font designer Joshua Darden who drew the Freight family and a bespoke masthead for the magazine, illustrators: Peter Till, Jason Ford, Toby Morison and Satoshi Kambayashi, and photographers Paul Tozer, Julian Anderson, Richard Waite, Ralph Hodgson, Elisabeth Scheder-Bieschin and Gautier Deblonde.


Alain.R said...
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Simon said...

On the '10' spread, was there a long conversation over whether to align the type with the left-hand serif or vertical of the digit 1?

Looks really great, nice to see some tension, space and structure in the same spread.

Kuchar said...

glad you like the 10 spread. Yes I think we gave that particular problem alot of thought; maybe more than we should have considering its a weekly.