Letraset Catalogue

In the late 80's Letraset discontinued their rubdown sheets and converted to computer technology. I was reading the AIGA nostalgia trip by Nick Currie and thought about how as a student everyone would inspect each others catalogues and comment on whether it was a good year or not. As each catalogue was produced year after year, the space for each typeface became smaller making it hard to take the student path of merely photocopying, trace or cut and paste instead of buying the real sheet. Mine in a 1976 vintage I inherited from my sister which I have always treasured. I think it also marks a line in the design world between design dinosaur and the new computer kids. I ask Kuchar if he has a catalogue and he looks blank and asks me what I am on about. I am a dinosaur.


Anonymous said...
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Dana said...

Thank you for this look back on Letraset. I'm making a short video on how Letraset works, and your blog brought back memories. May I use your photographs in the video?

Anonymous said...

Of course Dana, feel free. Post a link to it on the thread afterwards so we can see it.

Dana said...

Thanks for the photos, jaypeg. The video is now online and can be seen here: